Your MedSlant wedge pillow is guaranteed not to sag for 1,000 nights of a healthier, more comfortable night’s sleep. 

That is not just our tagline -- providing it is our mission.

1,000 night no sag guaranteeWe started MedSlant in 2000 with three goals:  to produce a quality product in the USA, to sell it at a fair price, and to provide superior customer service. Those goals have not changed and we strive every day to make sure we are meeting them.

MedSlant pillows are made in the USA and we work with the highest quality foam fabricator in North America with more than 63 years of experience.

All of our wedges are made out of CertiPUR-US foam. This means the foam we use contains no flame retardants, no mercury, no lead, no other heavy metals, no formaldehyde, no phthalates* and less than 0.5 parts per million VOCs**

MedSlant foam meets or exceeds all EPA rules and standards.

Non-American producers do not have to meet these standards.

We only use closed-cell foam, which is denser and more stable than open-cell foam (which is more like Styrofoam), and the type of foam most often used in less expensive and non-American-made products.

MADE IN THE USA means far more than providing jobs in many fields and helping to keep our economy strong; it means that you are getting a high-quality product you can trust for years to come.

* Phthalates are industrial softening chemicals that can damage the liver, kidney, lungs, and reproductive system as regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

**VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are emitted as gasses from certain solids or liquids and may have both short and long-term adverse health effects.


If your MedSlant wedge is 1,000 days old or less and you have concerns about it sagging, please contact us at (800) 346.1850 or [email protected] and we’ll make it right.

Please have order information including your order number, serial number, and date of purchase.  Return shipping is at the buyer’s expense.