The PATENTED design of the MedSlant™ Folding wedge pillow folds for easy portability and storage. At 32" long it is longer than most wedges available and supports the head, chest, and shoulders. Raising the head on pillows causes the body to bend in the middle and makes reflux worse. There are a few other longer wedges available but they do not fold for travel. When not sleeping on your MedSlant™ folding wedge pillow, fold it and lean against it for reading or watching TV. Folded, it will slide easily under most beds.

The Medslant BIG is one of the largest wedge pillows you can buy, giving you plenty of space to sleep, yet giving you the benefits of its doctor-recommended height. It's a vast 28" across and 31" long ensuring you have room to spread out - sleep on your side or your back with space to spare and 7" high, so you get the good night's sleep you deserve.