Comfort may a key factor when shopping for an acid reflux wedge pillow, but so are safety and longevity, which is why we only use US made CertiPUR certified foam.

The CertiPUR US® foam certification program was created to ensure that all foam used in pillows, toppers and upholstered chairs, including dog beds, indoor cushions, and medical sleep support products, are made from foam that meets rigorous standards for content, emissions and durability.

These are just some of the many points that give you a brief glimpse into the science and processes behind the certification.

  • 1. For testing and analysis of foams, CertiPUR only uses accredited independent laboratories.
  • 2. CertiPUR testing confirms that the foams they certify are free from ozone depleters, made without TDCPP, PBDEs or TCEP ("Tris") fire retardants, made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, and made without formaldehyde. They also have low VOC (Volatile organic compound) emissions for indoor quality (less than 0.5% per million).
  • 3. Foams containing any chemical that has been identified by the Globally Harmonized System is harmful to fertility or could cause cancer are prohibited.
  • 4. This certification is difficult to obtain. Many foams fail, and they must be reformulated to meet CertiPUR's strict standards. Foams must be CertiPUR-US certified twice in the first year and annually thereafter.
  • 5. The process doesn't end there. Certified foams are subject to random verification testing. This means that CertiPUR visits foam manufacturing plants on-site to collect foam samples and test them. This spot-checking is done at no cost to a large percentage of the companies that participate each year in order to ensure everyone is honest.
  • 6. The CertiPUR Technical Guide is a living document. This means that it is constantly updated according to science. It has been updated approximately once per year throughout its 13-year history and is always based upon evidence-based science.
  • 7. Furthermore, all retailers and manufacturers listed in the CertiPUR directory must agree with our Terms of Use. The focus of the terms are to ensure retailers are making accurate claims and must provide proof that they are actually purchasing certified foam.
  • 8. Consumers have another layer of protection with the CertiPUR online directory.
  • 9. The CertiPUR website has a button that encourages users to report misuse. CertiPUR will try their best to follow up on all leads!

At Medslant, we believe transparency is vital to creating reliable and safe products. Find out more about CertiPUR certification on their website.